Manuel Palenciano

web development

Web Development

I am a Ruby and Rails developer since 2006. My first professional project was on 2007 using Rails v1. I also enjoy using Sinatra and Rack for developing APIs and middle-wares.

System Administration and Deployments

I have been responsible for:


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2014 – 2018



Gambling & Casinos

One of the world’s largest independent bookmakers and an industry leader in betting innovation with customers from over 150 different countries.

I worked for the team responsible to develop and maintain the company's Desktop and Mobile websites, using Javascript for the frontend and Rails for the backend.


For the first two years I worked in the casino vertical team, implementing and supporting third party online games.


For the last two years I worked in the sport-book vertical team, adding new features and maintaining the betting system for all the different sports supported.

2010 – 2013

Crisalix Labs

Barcelona Spain

A 3D plastic surgery web simulator. At Crisalix I had two rolls: Ruby developer and SysAdmin.

As a Ruby developer created and maintained Rails and Sinatra applications, wrote a HTTP API with Sinatra, and developed the payment gateway.

As a SysAdmin migrated the whole applications stack from various data centers, configuring dedicated servers, VLAN, Nginx, MySQL server, Redis, Memcached, external and internal monitoring, deployments with Capistrano, Upstart, log-rotation, etc.

2009 – 2010


Malaga Spain

A tour operator for the Russian market in Costa del Sol. I made a back-end in Rails to manage translations and their hotel seasonal offers. Also made sites for hotels they had deals with. These sites were mainly static content, just the order-entry form needed dynamic content (offers) and persistence, so I chose Sinatra with DataMapper… lots of fun.

2007 – 2009

Tapas in a Box

Malaga Spain, Birmingham UK

An English company that sells Spanish food for the UK market. It was my first fully hosted Rails (v1) application. I developed the front-end, back-office, order-entry, invoicing and on-line payments. I also did a simple CMS and a CRM using Highrise's API.

2002 – 2006

Maki Visual

Chicago USA

A partnership with a graphic designer, where I began with web programming. We made some sites for friends and relatives like restaurants, weddings, apartments for rent and anything we could find. I was using PHP but wanted something else, and soon found Ruby and Rails during 2005.

1992 – 2000


Birmingham UK, Chicago USA

The company where I first became a programmer during the 90s. JBA was the creator of System 21, an ERP software solution operated on IBM's AS/400. I worked in the support and development teams, using RPG, CL and DB2.